100% Sweet Love

Chapter 2: Wants to Have Her

TL’ed and Edited by Xia


But how can she change?

Si Yehan’s power and influence is dreadful, crushing her is easier than crushing an ant. What he desires, he will absolutely obtain.

Ye Wan Wan took a deep breath, forcing her deep-to-the-bone fear of that man back into her body.

There must be a way!

At least she is not the same girl from seven years ago, who was stupid and impulsive enough to be at the mercy of other young women.

“God! Wan Wan…” suddenly a voice excitedly calling out in alarm entered the ears.

Hearing this familiar voice, Ye Wan Wan’s back suddenly stiffens, her cold eyes looking straight towards the door.

Immediately, she saw a face she would never forget even if she dies.

It was a lovely face that people would never suspect—

The best friend in her past life!

“Wan Wan, how could Si Yehan do this to you!” Shen Mengqi rushed over, grabbed her hand, her eyes were shocked seeing the messy bed and her body full of bruises.

Ye Wan Wan lowered her eyes, looking at her hand clenched in pain. This time, she didn’t miss the burst of jealousy and gloating in Shen Mengqi’s eyes.

“Wan Wan, what’s the matter with you? Are you alright! Wan Wan, don’t scare me!” Shen Mengqi saw that her gaze was strange when she was provoked and anxiously asked.

Ye Wan Wan calmly withdrew her hand and shook her head: “It’s nothing.”

In the past, the reason she suffered such miserable treatment by Si Yehan, was partly caused by Shen Mengqi.

The various unbearable treatment between her and Si Yehan, she didn’t dare to tell anyone. She only told her, treating her as her most trusted friend, but she didn’t know…

Unexpectedly, Shen Mengqi harbored those kinds of thoughts towards Si Yehan, long coveting the position of Mrs. Si. On the surface, it seems as if she was helping her, but in fact, she is using her to get closer to Si Yehan. Moreover, at any and every chance, she incited disharmony in her and Si Yehan’s relationship, letting her be tormented under Si Yehan’s raging temper to the point where she was living a life worse than death.

Not only did she not realize this, she was grateful to Shen Mengqi for her “advice”.

Looking at herself in the mirror, Ye Wan Wan couldn’t help but smile.

In fact, this hideous disguise was Shen Mengqi’s idea, and she actually agreed.

No matter how others see her, if she can make Si Yehan disgust her, it’s good enough.

However, she didn’t expect that, even with her demonic appearance, Si Yehan would still want to have her.

“How is this ‘nothing’! Wan Wan, don’t worry, I’ll help you!” said Shen Mengqi with a look full of love and kindness.

Ye Wan Wan sneered in her heart. Sure enough, it’s here.

Shen Mengqi in the past life was exactly like this,  generously offering to help her leave, but she also specifically went to find Gu Yueze to help.

The end result was, Shen Mengqi sold her out in secret, taking the opportunity to coerce Gu Yueze to ‘elope’ with her and inform Si Yehan of the news.

This matter thoroughly intensified the conflict between her and Si Yehan. Since then, Si Yehan’s temperament became more violent and unpredictable, his possessiveness and desire for her became more dreadful. She completely lost her freedom…

With her current ability, going head-to-head with Si Yehan is tantamount to death.

Unfortunately, in her past life, she was as stubborn as 9 oxen and unable to be restrained,  she listened to the words of Shen Mengqi, repeatedly becoming badly bruised and driven to the wall.

Her hatred has not been avenged, her mother and father are waiting for her to return home, she also wished to prevent her brother from going down the wrong path, she has too many things to do.

All of these things required her to obtain her freedom.

She needs to form a firm relationship with Si Yehan, absolutely must avoid doing anything that may provoke him and creating such a formidable enemy.

“Wan Wan, wait for me!” Shen Mengqi once again meddles, displaying a hypocritical show of affection, and immediately left after she was finished.

When Shen Mengqi left, Ye Wan Wan’s superficial helpless and fragile expression suddenly turned cold and indifferent.

Just instigating her to run away once wasn’t enough, and once again she is scheming for a second time, it seems like she won’t give up until it results in death.

Then take a look…

This time, who will die in the the end!

T/N: The title for the chapter was difficult to translate. It literally translated to something like”to go down/under the mouth” and from the context, I thought it would be best to use “to eat up” after getting a little translation help, the best I could do was “(to) want to have her/it”.


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