100% Sweet Love

Chapter 1: Still Escaping?

Credit to Aiki over in the Novel Updates Forum

Ye Wan Wan opened her eyes.

To a pair of eyes that made her fear so much even her soul trembled.

“Ah—– ”

The girl’s pale fingers suddenly twisted the quilt under her body.

Her body teared apart with pain, to actually live once again, to experience once more.

Is this hell?

Why, she obviously died, but she actually returned here, back to the devil’s side?

Her mind was a mess, the man’s scorching hot transpiration covers her with a layer of confusion and she instinctively resisted, “Don’t touch me!!!”

The man paused in his movements, immediately as if touching the inverse scales, his demonic and bloodthirsty face instantly clouded over, his ice-cold thin lips ruthlessly bit down, as if desiring to swallow her flesh and blood one-time, altogether into his abdomen.

(You guys know of the inverse scale on dragons, right? This part was also hard. It’s either saying he swallowed her blood in one huge gulp or he wants to swallow her whole being along with her blood)

Ye Wan Wan instantly felt pain, she could not think of anything. She could only unconsciously murmur, “Why… Why me…. Si Yehan……. Why must it be me….”

“Because, only you.”

In her ears came the man’s low and deep mute voice, like shackles, it even imprisons her soul.

Listening to the man give exactly the same answer as in the previous life, Ye Wan Wan completely lost consciousness.


When she opened her eyes once again, outside the window it has changed from night to day.

The air was filled with a refreshing floral fragrance of the sleeping person, the warm morning sun spilled in from the window lattice, making one’s mind unconsciously relax.

However, the next second, Ye Wan Wan’s nerves instantly tightened.

A strong sense of oppression spreads throughout the entire room as the man wakes up.

Arms suddenly tightened around her waist, as if she was a pillow, she was hugged into the man’s chest.

“Still escaping?”

In the ears came a creepy voice.

Out of survival instinct, Ye Wan Wan subconsciously shook her head.

The man was unaware that she didn’t trust him. His gaze lingered on her face for a moment, his eyes immediately drooped down, giving her a little kiss on her lips, her chin, her neck……..

Buried in her neck with a heavy, burning breath, he constantly exudes a dangerous air.

Ye Wan Wan, like a fawn bitten by the neck, dared not move.

After a long while, the man finally let her loose.

The next second, a very charming picture entered into Ye Wan Wan’s eyes.

The man walked out of bed half-naked, the backlight outlined his slender stature and thin lean waist.

This scene only lasts a moment. The man soon picks up his clothes from the bedside, slender fingers meticulously tying the first button at his collar.

Obviously not long ago he was as fierce as a beast. At this moment, his face was handsome but cold, without a trace of human fireworks (human life)

Until the sound of the door closing, Ye Wan Wan’s almost broken nerves finally relaxed.

And finally she was able to properly straighten up her own situation at this moment.

She slowly looked around at the furnishings, as well as at herself in the mirror on the opposite side of the dresser.

In the mirror, the black lipstick on the girl’s lip was gnawed away with only a little remnant of the dark colour and the smoky makeup on her face was completely stained with tears and sweat, covered with bruises and kiss marks. There was a large, bloody, terrifying tattoo covering her body.

This appearance, impressively she was twenty years old!

Back then, in order to avoid Si Yehan, she deliberately made herself into this ugly, disgusting appearance.

She actually….. actually was reborn…….

Suddenly, the great fear and despair almost choked her.


Why let her return to seven years ago!

Even if she was dead, she didn’t want to come back here, back to the devil’s side.

She clearly remembers that this was the first time she had relations with SYH, but since then she had countless nights where she was tortured to death.

She was imprisoned in this place, lost her beloved, loved ones (parents), lost her dignity, lost her freedom and lost everything.

Did she have to go through all this again?

No! Since God gave her another chance, she must change it all!


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7 thoughts on “Chapter 1: Still Escaping?

  1. 😀 I was super surprised to see someone translating this one!!! Are you a fan of Hidden Marriage..(NX, LTX, Little Treasure)…. as well? Thanks for the update!


    1. Hey! I am a fan of HM, good story though it seems like the ending is going to be a bit subpar. Hopefully I can keep up with the author since she isn’t releasing too many chapters at once.


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