100% Sweet Love

Chapter 75: No One is Allowed to Touch Her

TL’ed by Miaka_Mei

Edited by Xia

“Dang! What’s going on! I thought we were gonna have a good show today! Why is Ling Dong helping Ye Wan Wan out?”

“God knows….What the hell is going on!”

“Maybe it’s because Zhao Xingzhou had him thoroughly shaken and scared out of his wits?”

“How is that possible? Has Ling Dong, that little overlord ever been scared before? It’d be way too strange if he doesn’t make a huge ruckus!”


In the midst of the heated discussion, Ye Wan Wan had already sat on Ling Dong’s chair. She was mentally preparing for any incoming trouble, but in the end, it all went beyond her own expectations.

Perhaps Ling Dong was really scared witless by Zhao Xingzhou?

Could it be…

Ye Wan Wan sensibly recalled yesterday’s matters, where Ling Dong inadvertently saw her appearance without makeup.

Maybe it’s related to this?

The class attendance bell soon rang and silence once more descended to the classroom. As Ye Wan Wan blankly stared at the phone inside the drawer, she no longer gave much thoughts to those matters.

Since last night, after Si Yehan ordered Xu Yi to send her back to school, he hadn’t contacted her at all.

Based on his reaction yesterday, he probably isn’t angry anymore, right?

Frankly speaking, what she had done yesterday was a highly risky move. If by any chance, Si Yehan was angered to the point of losing all rationality, completely locking her up without allowing any chance of explaining, then the aftermath was simply too horrible to contemplate……

Thankfully her thoughts weren’t wasted, Si Yehan didn’t completely believe the information given by Shen Mengqi. Instead, he had made a thorough investigation.

After class ended, the students who had been stifled throughout the lesson, one after another, turned their gaze towards Ye Wan Wan as they whispered among themselves. They were obviously brooding over not seeing Ye Wan Wan’s misfortunes, which they had once looked forward to.

Seeing the three diehard followers of Cheng Xue storming towards Ye Wan Wan, everyone finally came back to their senses.

“Hideous freak, come out! We’re looking for you for a certain matter!” One of the girls with a pointed chin spoke with malice.

Having been called out in such a way after class, it’s obviously to bring a girl to the toilet for bullying and a beating.

Although Ye Wan Wan wasn’t interested in getting herself involved in the childish jealousy of a rival in a love affair, she’d inevitably get annoyed after getting into trouble.

A cold ray flashed in the depth of her eyes, she unhurriedly spoke, “Fine by me!”

“What are you dilly-dallying for? Get a move on!” A girl impatiently pulled her away while another girl pulled her from another side.

The boy, who was initially sleeping while leaning forward in resting his upper body, lifted his head and frowned after seeing the situation in front of his eyes. Just as he was about to speak, an extremely cold and gloomy voice sounded, “Who gave you permission to touch her?”

Ling Dong stood at the doorway, his hand carrying a huge plastic bag, while his face looked exceptionally dreadful.

Although Ling Dong wasn’t as handsome as Si Xia, but he was quite good-looking and dashing. Only his temperament is the complete opposite of Si Xia. Like a cruel and untamed wild wolf, his whole body was filled with a very fierce and violent mien. He was almost always intimidating and feared by people, especially with that dark expression of his. It literally drove people’s hair to stand on end.

Noticing Ling Dong with his gloomy complexion standing behind their backs, the three girls were thrown into panic, “Dong… Dong ge!”

(T/N: gege = big brother, a familiar way to address a male close to you with respect; Other examples = 姐姐 [big sis],妹妹 [lil’ sister],弟弟 [lil’ brother])

Gathering her courage, one of the girls spoke: “This hideous freak is just too evil! She hadn’t just stolen Cheng Xue’s role, she even made you so miserable. We’re just going to avenge you by teaching her a lesson, nothing else!”

Ling Dong swept the three girls a glance, then turned to look at everyone else within the classroom, “It seems that my words before hadn’t been clear enough, then I’ll say it again. From this day forth, Ye Wan Wan is one of my people! If anyone dares to put their hands on her again, then this Ling Dong will definitely give them hell!”


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