100% Sweet Love

Chapter 42: Accompany Me for Six Hours

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Worn-out shoes…

Shen Mengqi’s eyes widened, she had never thought that Ye Wan Wan could unexpectedly say such a thing.

For Ye Wan Wan, Gu Yueze’s existence was no different from God. No matter what, no one was allowed to say anything bad about him.

At this moment, Shen Mengqi was completely bewildered, while staring at her with astonishment, “Wan Wan, you… how could you say such a thing about young master Gu! All of this is that slut Ye Yiyi’s fault! Her father robbed the Ye home, she shamelessly robbed your fiancé, and Gu Yueze is practically being forced to do this against his will! In the end, what happened? Why are you suddenly thinking this way?”

With Ye Wan Wan being dead set on Gu Yueze, in order to be with him, she severed her relationship with her biological parents. How could she suddenly give up on him?

Not even bothering to contemplate about the matter, Ye Wan Wan casually comments, “It’s nothing, I just suddenly figured some things out, that’s all.”

Shen Mengqi hastily advised, “Wan Wan, don’t be impulsive, after all, those many years of affection…”

Ye Wan Wan yawned, no longer wanting to continue this conversation, she decided to interrupt her, “I’m tired, let me sleep, when I have more free time, we can talk again later!”

Shen Mengqi wanted to continue talking, but seeing that the yawning Ye Wan Wan was already heading for bed, the only thing she could do was leave.

After Ye Wan Wan came back to school, why does it feel like she’s no longer the same as she was before…?

Back then, she used to obey her every word, but now, she kept on going beyond her control, even her attitude towards her had become more and more colder.

After making sure that Shen Mengqi had left, Ye Wan Wan immediately got up and walked towards the bathroom.

By merely having that conversation with Shen Mengqi, it can be considered that half of her goal has been achieved.

Of course, she also wanted to take advantage of this opportunity to wholeheartedly express her heart to Si Yehan, but in regard to Si Yehan’s mind, it’s estimated that she was aware of his presence, therefore, she must have intentionally allowed him to listen in on the conversation.

So, if he ends up not believing her words, she won’t force him to, as long as he heard Shen Mengqi’s words, then it’s enough.

Ye Wan Wan proceeded to open the bathroom door, “The person has left! It’s actually Mengqi, I thought it was one of the dorm inspectors doing their rounds! That really scared me off!”

When Ye Wan Wan opened the door, she saw Si Yehan’s tall figure leaning against the washstand, beside it was the bucket where she put her changed clothes, but what was lying on top of it was her pair of strawberry underwear…

Ye Wan Wan suddenly became embarrassed, while casually putting a towel over it, she secretly observed Si Yehan’s expression.

However, it’s clear that Si Yehan’s mind is something that a mere mortal can’t just casually guess, he didn’t have the slightest amount of difference on his face, making it impossible for her to guess what he was thinking.

“Well, did you hear what we said just now?” Ye Wan Wan tried asking.

Si Yehan calmly glanced at her, “Hear what? The big devil?”

Ye Wan Wan immediately choked: “Uh…”

The light in Si Yehan’s eyes became more profound, “Or… pervert?”

Ye Wan Wan swallowed the spit in her mouth: “That…”

Si Yehan narrowed his eyes, with a hint of danger, “Is this what you secretly called me behind my back?”

Ye Wan Wan simply wanted to collapse, why is he focusing on this! Shouldn’t he be caring about how Shen Mengqi is outward devotion but inward opposition, on the surface, she’s one of his people, but behind his back, she’s secretly digging his corners?

(T/N: outward devotion but inward opposition = paying lip service, but opposes in secret)

Also, what’s this about her secretly calling him behind his back? Clearly, Shen Mengqi was the one who said so, not her!

Although, it’s not like she didn’t say less behind his back…

“I was wrong…” Ye Wan Wan chose to directly admit her wrongs, to quibble about lying in front of Si Yehan is like asking for her own death.

Si Yehan’s fingers gently stroked the girl’s delicate chin, the sound of his low husky voice hovered over the narrow bathroom, “In six hours, I’ll forgive you.”

“Ah? What, six hours?” Ye Wan Wan didn’t respond for a while.

Si Yehan: “Accompany me to sleep.”

Ye Wan Wan: “……”


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