100% Sweet Love

Chapter 40: Two Kisses

TL’ed by Vsukio

Edited by Vsukio & Miaka_Mei

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She certainly knows how frightening things could get when Si Yehan gets out of bed, but as of now, she didn’t really care too much.

“Si Yehan, someone’s here, you have to hide, okay?”

Sure enough, after hearing her words, the expression on the big devil’s face looked so terrifying that it could directly destroy the world.

As Ye Wan Wan clasped her hands together, her face filled with pleading, “Please, please!”

A certain person’s face was still howling with the wind as it was covered in a dense dark cloud.

Seeing this, Ye Wan Wan moved closer to the man’s side and kissed him on the lips, “Okay?”

The girl’s wet eyes and soft tender voice could simply make a person’s heart melt.

In a split second, Si Yehan’s anger had almost completely extinguished, however, his expression was still iced over for a thousand miles.

Oh, does this woman really thinks that he could easily be coaxed?

Seeing that Si Yehan’s expression was still cold and indifferent, Ye Wan Wan anxiously shifted to his side and gave another kiss, “I’m begging you, please!”

Si Yehan: “Fine.”

Ye Wan Wan’s face instantly filled with joy, “Thank you! Now go to the bathroom and hide! I won’t be long!”

Err… If a single kiss can’t solve the problem, then maybe two can.

After Si Yehan properly hid, Ye Wan Wan went to open the door.

The person standing outside the door was Shen Mengqi.

At this moment, when Shen Mengqi saw Ye Wan Wan’s appearance, she instantly became stunned.

Even though the girl didn’t put on any makeup and wore a common nightgown, she looked as fresh as a water lotus. She was so beautiful that people wouldn’t be able to look away from her.

Although she knew that Ye Wan Wan would look attractive after slimming down, due to not seeing her real appearance after so long, the moment she first saw her, she couldn’t help but to be surprised.

In school, she’s recognized as one of the school’s beauties as well the prettiest girl in class A, but as she stood in front of Ye Wan Wan, even though she deliberately dressed up today, unexpectedly, when compared to Ye Wan Wan who was just casually wearing a pair of plain noodle soup pajamas, she can only be considered one-tenth of her!

Shen Mengqi’s expression was fluctuating, she almost couldn’t maintain her facial expression, with a strong and insisting yet intimately sweet tone, she asks, “Wan Wan, why did you take so long to open the door?”

“I was sleeping.”

“But it’s only around 8 o’ clock, why are you sleeping so early!” Shen Mengqi exclaimed.

“It’s late, did you come to find me for something?” Ye Wan Wan asked.

“Well, I came to chat with you! Don’t just stand by the doorway, let’s go inside and talk!” Shen Mengqi didn’t consider herself as an outsider so she welcomed herself in.

Ye Wan Wan knitted her brows. Before her rebirth, she had always looked forward to Shen Mengqi coming over to chat. Every time she did, she would always make Shen Mengqi talk with her until midnight, but now, if she were to suddenly stop her from coming in, it would be unavoidable to cover things up since it’d only make matters worse, therefore, there was no point in stopping her.

If she had known that the person outside the door was Shen Mengqi, even if she’d let her see Si Yehan, it wouldn’t have mattered.


At this moment, Shen Mengqi doesn’t realize that Si Yehan is here, which makes this even better!

Ye Wan Wan looked to the side while secretly thinking.

Shen Mengqi this antagonizing “mole” has been tagging beside her for far too long, she’s too much of a hindrance, it’s about time that she pulled her out.

After entering the room, in order to deliberately stimulate Shen Mengqi, Ye Wan Wan shamelessly showed off her good looks by taking out a small mirror and looked at herself through its reflection.

When Shen Mengqi saw this, her expression instantly changed, she severely stared at her and said, “Wan Wan! You’re too careless! Why didn’t you put on any makeup before answering the door! What if the person outside the door wasn’t me, but someone else? It’d be bad if someone were to find out about your true appearance! Si Yehan has eyes and ears everywhere, the school shouldn’t be taken lightly!”


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SYH: Oh, does this woman really thinks that he could easily be coaxed?

Mei: *mentally screams* OH YES YOU ARE! Only by Wan Wan though…. ♪ *ꈍ﹃ꈍ)ノ

Vsukio: Wan Wan in noodle soup pajamas… (*/▽\*)

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  1. oh. Shen Mengqi is about to kill herself off.
    so looking forward to the next chapter ^^
    thx for ur hard work btw. also i usually don’t say this under every chapter.

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  2. oh, hopefully we can get rid of shen menqi soon. i don’t like her pretentiousness as if she’s doing what “best for her bestfriend” but is a double faced bitch


  3. Cant wait to see how she shows her true self . I hope Si Yehan comes to know that shes the one who tries to sabotage their relationship by shoving/pushing WanWan at that Gu yueze …
    And then destroy her !!! Mwuahahahahaha 😈


  4. “Err… If a single kiss can’t solve the problem, then maybe two can.”
    Yup, I feel like if WanWan asks for Si Yehan’s House he’ll just hand it in 😂😂😂😂

    And yusssss!! Hopefully with this SYH will know that bitch’s been pushing his Wanwan to another guy 🌚😂 aaaaah can’t wait!!! Thank you so much for the chapter!! 😆


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