100% Sweet Love

Chapter 27: I Choose to Die

TL’ed by Miaka_Mei

Edited by Vsukio

Vsukio: There’ll be no updates on the 16th and 17th.

This damn woman, her face was already creepy enough. Now today of all days, she decided to wear white in broad daylight? Just seeing this could scare people half to death.

When Ye Wan Wan saw Si Xia, her mood instantly became better.

She had been bored from being cooped up in her dorm for these past seven days and nights, her eyes had nearly gone blind.

Though the youngster didn’t say anything else, the face that he inherited from the Si family’s genes was very pleasing to the eye.

Ye Wan Wan grinned to the opposite party, “Unexpectedly, our school’s most handsome boy is actually afraid of ghosts?”

Her smile was simply frightening…

Si Xia took a deep breath, after his line of sight shifted from the tragic sight, he coldly snorted, “You know yourself best, don’t you know you look like a ghost?”

No matter what, he must take this exam seriously!

He can’t stay another day in this ghostly place!

When the bell rang, the examiner started to distribute the exam papers.

The first test in the morning was Comprehensive Liberal Arts. After Ye Wan Wan looked through the exam paper from start to finish, she started to answer the questions.

From the corner of his eyes, when Si Xia saw Ye Wan Wan picking up her pen to answer the questions, his eyes flashed a trace of surprise.

Everyone knows that Ye Wan Wan would always turn in a blank paper.

At the midst of his surprise, when he clearly saw how Ye Wan Wan was answering the questions, his mouth suddenly twitched.

Which part of this is considered answering the questions? She was clearly filling in the answers by random.

The ABCD was filled in with one quick motion, he reckons that she didn’t even consider what the subject was about, she must be completely relying on luck.

The boy made a sarcastic remark.

If you want to test your luck, it’s better to fill in all the B’s which has a higher probability of getting the correct answers. But to answer in such a messy order, it’s more likely to miss the correct answers instead.

The boy no longer continued to pay attention to the idiot with the spicy eyes beside him, instead, he began to concentrate on the exam.

(T/N: Spicy eyes = a famous Internet phrase, its similar English phrase is “makes my eyes bleed”. 辣(là)” means burn/sting/bite; 眼睛 (yǎnjīng)” means eyes.)

The examination time for the Comprehensive Liberal Arts test was 150 minutes, basically taking up the whole morning. Later in the evening, it was followed by the English test.

The next morning was the Language test while in the evening was the Mathematics test.

Ye Wan Wan stared at the Math paper, after looking at it once, she glanced at it again. All of these functions, algebra, geometry, were all like a virus, it quickly stirred her brain into discharging smoke.

Ye Wan Wan was in daze as her head started spinning with dizziness, after struggling for 3 seconds, she decisively leaned on top of her exam paper and fell asleep.

Why does something as terrible as Mathematics exists in this world!

Within these past seven days, rummaging through three years’ worth of textbooks already made close her limit, but to actually review Mathematics in such a short period of time was simply impossible. Therefore, she might as well just give up on it entirely.

The bell rang, the last exam was finally over.

When Si Xia turned to look at his neighbor, he found that someone was sleeping with a completely blank Math exam paper.

Having done a few of the exams, she seemed to want to change, but in the end… It is easier to change mountains and river than to alter one’s character!

(T/N: It is easier to change mountains and river than to alter one’s character = you can’t change who you are)

After everyone was done handing over their exam paper, all the students had the expression as if their bodies had just emptied out.

“The exam is finally over! We’re free!”

“The most important thing is that the Prince Charming could finally return back to his original seat! Ye Wan Wan that hideous freak is getting uglier to the point where it’s just simply getting more and more frightening! Poor Si Xia, he got so frightened that his entire face turned white!”

“Didn’t she originally relied on being first from the bottom? With Si Xia returning back to his seat, let’s see how she’ll continue to cling on him!”

“You guys are thinking too much, we don’t even need to wait for the results to come out, by then, she’d already be kicked out of the school! Previously, all the teachers had no time to deal with her because they were too preoccupied with the exams. But now that the exams are over, do you think they’ll still not deal with her?”

“It’s such a pity that she wasn’t kick out before the exams, now the current average score of our class is going to be lowered by her!”


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9 thoughts on “Chapter 27: I Choose to Die

  1. well we don’t know the exam results yet. Perhaps she did fail the math . But, I think she aced the other exams
    Thank you for this chapter


  2. Thank you! Does this mean her friend is younger than her? She hadn’t graduated in 4 years due to issues but her evil friend shouldn’t have any.


    1. Shen Mengqi is in the same grade as Ye Wan Wan but her age was never disclosed. The reasoning for this will be explained in later chapters.


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