100% Sweet Love

Chapter 14: Unable to Grow

TL’ed and Edited by Xia

Although a bit late (work got in the way), here’s the next chapter, which may be the last chapter for the week as I review the survey responses and start stockpiling the TLs. I’ll put up an announcement once everything is figured out.

Also, do read the author’s note at the end of the chapter. It helps explains some of the story’s inconsistencies (like how Ch. 10 says YWW is a university student, but later chapters state she’s in high school……).

The moment the girl’s soft lips touch his, Si Yehan’s pupils suddenly contract.

Those eyes were darker than ever before, like he was capable of devouring a man’s soul.

Subjected to this kind of gaze, Ye Wan Wan promptly retreated a safe distance away in the end. Stubbornly continuing to talk:

“Actually, I only hope  I can live like a normal girl and learn about love. I guarantee that I won’t run away any more, so long as you don’t force me to stay beside you. Also, I’m perfectly fine so there’s no need to run right?

As for Gu Yueze, before my mind was muddled, only able to think of that slag man. Now, I think I understand already.

I feel that with you using the identity, status, and attractiveness as the Ninth Master, so long as we resume a normal relationship, we can interact like friends first. Over time, I will definitely grow into a melon!”

Ye Wan Wan, nervously waiting for the man’s reply, spoke with a dry mouth and tongue, “In fact… melon is really quite delicious. I think you could try. How do you know you don’t like it if you haven’t tried, right?”

(T/N: “Dry mouth and tongue” is the literal translation for the idiom, basically it means she was talking too much.)

With a faint smile on him, Si Yehan looked at the “little melon seed” in front of him who is vigorously advertising herself to him  and quietly asked ” What if it is unable to grow?”

Immediately, the corner of Ye Wan Wan’s mouth was slightly drawn. She wiped her sweat and said, “No that’s impossible! I will strive to grow well! Certainly the roots are red!”

Unaware of how much time had passed, the man looked down, and lowly chuckled: “Well, then I’ll give you three months time.”

Immediately, Ye Wan Wan was somewhat at a loss, “Oh, isn’t three months a bit short? Insufficient time can be bad for growth.”

“I don’t mind.”

“……” Okay……

Three months is already three months, okay!

To be able to fight for three months of freedom is already very unlikely.

Ye Wan Wan stared blankly for a long time, later immediately and excitedly responded, “You’ve agreed? Then, I can go to school? I can go to school just like the other students? I can do the things I wished to do.. …

Then.. … Then  I’m going to pack my things! Early tomorrow, I’ll move out ! However, when I have time, I will come to Jin Garden to take care of the vegetable garden!”

Having finished speaking, and out of fear that Si Yehan would go back on his promise, she ran out like a gust of wind.

Looking at the departing figure of the cheerful and lively girl, Si Yehan’s complexion became dark, almost immediately full of regret.

In the next second, the man’s finger softly strokes his lips to feel the lingering soft kiss……

Wan Wan, this is the last time I will believe you.

Also, it’s the last time I give you a chance.

If you betray me……..

After returning to the room.

Ye Wan Wan rapidly grabbed her textbooks and also packed all of her luggage.

Surprisingly, she really succeeded as if it was simply just like a dream!

At this moment, a burst of a cell phone’s chime sounded, the caller ID said Shen Mengqi.

The corner of Ye Wan Wan’s mouth curved with a slight sneer while she raised her hand to answer, “Hey?”

Just as the phone call connected, Shen Mengqi’s angry voice came through, “Wan Wan, how come no one answered when I’ve been continuously calling? What’s going on with you? Why didn’t you leave and follow Gu Yueze ? You don’t know how much effort I spent to persuade Gu Yueze, only for you to let go of him! Also, I’m at the gate of Jin Garden and the servant won’t let me enter! You, quickly speak to them!”

“Oh, it’s because I was driven out of  Jin Garden.”

“What… you… you were kicked out of Jin Garden?” Shen Mengqi’s tone seems to be worried, but in reality, it was clearly full of unbearable joy.

“Yes ah, I will move back to the dormitory tomorrow.”

“Very good Wan Wan! It seems that the plan was still useful! Did Mr. Si see you and Gu Yueze together, only to misunderstand and drive you out in a fit of anger?”

Ye Wan Wan leisurely and unhurriedly spoke, “How do you know that Si Yehan saw me together with Gu Yueze? These past few days, he has not been home. Aren’t you the most clear about that?”

“I…I guess, in short, congratulations. You finally got rid of that awful man!”


Author’s note:

The new book (publishing) time is around 2-4. Occasionally, if there’s writer’s block, because there is no manuscript, the publishing time has not been determined.

Because the new book is just being written, some of the initial details are not perfect. The new book requires two to three more time to write compared to the old book, and each word and each letter/character is cautiously and carefully selected. Or so I thought….I write and write only to find some errors…sad reminder…

As a result, the new book may be updated at a slower pace and may occasionally be changed, but the basic text and details as well as the main story should be unaffected, so it shouldn’t affect your reading.

In fact, as someone with OCD, I changed the thousands of words in Hidden Marriage countless times…only then did I begin to see a few less people…every day I also modified the simple people…

The new book is waiting to be finished this time, the speed and update time will stabilize, thank you for your patience!


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  1. ik it’s a novel and all, but seriously how can someone betray
    you when they were never in love with you to begin with, why why why *sigh*

    just hoping he changes for the better and she learns to stand her ground even better regardless
    how fearful she is

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  2. She’s going to be very careful this time . With her own actions and pay more attention to what others say and do
    thank you for the translation


  3. Biatch please🙄 And omg omg omg omg what’s with this super adorable novel?!! I like how Yandere the male lead is tbh…>\\\\< and well I rarely read modern C-novels like only just a few cause I'm into historical but this novel captured me sooooo much. Like Hidden Marriage😍 Btw can I know if you guys have a release schedule or something? And thaaaaaank you so much for the chapter(s)🙇🏻‍♀️😊


    1. Hi there.

      I’m currently working on a stockpile for this novel (as noted at the beginning), which is why there haven’t been any releases yet.

      There should be some releases soon.


  4. “The moment the girl’s soft lips touch his, Si Yehan’s pupils suddenly contract.
    Those eyes were darker than ever before, like he was capable of devouring a man’s soul.
    Subjected to this kind of gaze, Ye Wan Wan promptly retreated a safe distance away in the end.”

    Si Yehan looks like he’s gonna cleanly eat WanWan up with that gaze of him. Poor girl. Anyone would run away if they were in her shoes.


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