100% Sweet Love

Chapter 7: What Did You Do Last Night?

TL’ed and Edited by Xia

Under the influence of the solution, the tattoos on her body visibly began to  dissolve little by little.

Ye Wan Wan soaked in the hot water, applied one of the facial masks on top of her face. Soon after, she closed her eyes to rest a while.

Upon waking up from her short rest, the water in the bathtub changed to a cloudy black color.

And her body…

After not being masked by tattoos, her true features were completely exposed.

She used the kind of temporary tattoos that do not harm the skin. Apart from the red crescent-shaped birthmark on her chest, her whole body was without flaws, like good suet jade, warm and delicate, and like the accumulation of snow under the moonlight, white and clear.

Before her rebirth, she was impulsive enough to get a permanent tattoo. The tattoo was with her for 7 years. So for 7 years, she was unaware of what her body looked like.

Now seeing her original appearance, even she is somewhat surprised, unexpectedly  her skin was so good.

Plus now she is only 20 years old, this is the best age for a girl’s skin.

After removing the facial mask, Ye Wan Wan drained the water from the bathtub, and once again washed her body.

After donning a bath robe, sitting at a nearby dressing table, Ye Wan Wan is shocked once again.

In the foggy mirror, the girl’s shapely eyebrows looked as if they were swept with black coloring, the bridge of her nose is very tall, straight, and delicate. The original color of her tender lips was extremely attractive, similar to peach blossoms, as if alluring one to pluck them. Even still, the most stunning thing is her pair of eyes, which were magnificent as the clear and limpid autumn waters, rippling with glittering waves. It was as if brilliant stars were roaming within.

Due to the moisturizer from the facial mask, the originally dry, wrinkled, yellow skin, caused by prolonged use of heavy makeup, was restored to an excellent condition, equally delicate as the skin on the rest of her body.

However, Ye Wan Wan knows that this is only temporary. The facial masks and other superficial beautifying methods can only restore and maintain that condition for a very short time, especially those emergency masks. By the next day, the skin will revert to it’s original state, only able to treat the symptoms, but not the root cause.

If she wants the skin on her face to be fully restored, she will still need to carefully care for it.

Fortunately she is still young, now there is more than enough time, it should recover very quickly.

At this moment, her exaggerated hairstyle from the hairdresser’s, after being washed, was restored to it’s original state. Her waist length half-dry hair, the color of ink, was lazily and loosely draped over her shoulders.

In her past life, she treasured her hair but later she cut it all off, but now it’s still here…

Ye Wan Wan is filled with joy from regaining something that she once lost, cherishing the act of combing her hair with the wooden comb slowly.

After drying her hair, Ye Wan Wan stood in front of her closet full of the heavy-tasting clothes, and she began to worry.

Forget it, just go to the closet on the third floor and select some clothes, being reborn once after suffering great difficulties, why should she allow herself to be wronged once more?

The entire third floor is a closet, and inside were all the clothes, jewelry, and bags that Si Yehan’s people helped prepare. Although she never touched any of these things, for seven years that room always had items from the latest season.


The man at the table is slowly drinking his coffee, his slender fingers are holding the white porcelain coffee cup. The bluish-gray shadows under his eyes, caused by a long-term lack of sleep, seem a lot lighter. Today, that face of his, which is already handsome originally, seems even more breathtaking. It was as if he was full of a devilish aura, his whole being was glowing.

“Ah…sssss (sound of hissing or sucking in air)….hot, hot, hot…” Lin Que, who was in a daze and staring blankly,  was not careful and drank a scalding mouth of coffee.

Si Yehan cast a sidelong glance at his good friend sitting across from him, obviously to see his generally foolish expression.

Lin Que still felt that this unusual guy, even if he openly sneered at him, nevertheless, was still unreasonably handsome.

Lin Que tightly held his cup of coffee, “Fuck! Ninth Si! I say, in the end, what did you do last night? You gathered yin to supplement yang (had sex), didn’t you?”


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  1. Lin Que.. at first i thought it was a girl but nvm its a boy. Will he be the Jingli of this novel? The biggest third wheel ever lolz

    Thanks for the chapter


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