100% Sweet Love

Chapter 4: To Die Under a Peony Flower

TL’ed and Edited by Xia

In her past life, Ye Wan Wan felt sorry that she lost her virginity and let down Gu Yueze and didn’t refute his ugly words. She was moved when she heard him say that she was forgiven and that he was there to bring her home, thinking that she was still in his heart.

It was simply stupid and pitiful.

As everyone knows, this is nothing but a man’s pride at play.

She was Gu Yueze’s fiancee, but now she is Si Yehan’s lover. If this information was to be spread, what face would Gu Yueze have left?

In the moment that Gu Yueze said to leave with him, Ye Wan Wan obviously felt the temperature suddenly cool over.

In the dark, just a few steps away from Ye Wan Wan.

The man’s face and night blend together. His whole body exudes an uncontrollable and raging hostility as if in the next second he would attack, swallowing the person whole.

Xu Yi, at the side of Si Yehan, was sweating and his legs were trembling.

The life ah, to actually catch the boss’s woman elope with a wild man and give him a green hat!

Ever since Ye Wan Wan appeared by Boss’s side, the men have not had a single easy day, when Boss is angry, they all have to follow along in suffering.

And this woman is the best at getting Boss angry.

This time, Boss’s anger is enough to burn the entire capital into ashes!

Xu Yi resolutely shut his eyes, not needing to look at him because it’s expected that the Boss’s head will be green…

Gu Yueze sees that Ye Wan Wan wasn’t moving. Slightly impatient, he reaches for her hand to pull her away.

Ye Wan Wan takes a step back escaping from his touch.

“Ye Wan Wan?” Gu Yueze asks frowning.

Ye Wan Wan shot him a cold glance, “Gu Yueze, did I say I want to go with you?”

Gu Yueze looks at Ye Wan Wan compassionately saying, “Ye Wan Wan, a person of Si Yehan’s identity and status is just playing with you. In order to get back at me, why would you ruin yourself?!”

His impression of Ye Wan Wan is that she was madly in love with him, and always obediently listened to him, so Gu Yueze thought she was only doing this for his attention.

“Ruin myself?”

Ye Wan Wan seemingly heard a joke as she sneered, “Si Yehan has more money than you, better potential than you, better body than you, even sleeping with him once is better than being with you for a lifetime! Who gave you the confidence to say such a thing?”

“You…” Gu Yueze didn’t expect Ye Wan Wan to even say such a thing, his face suddenly went down the drain.

At the same time, a certain person’s dark and madly raging atmosphere, actually like beast, suddenly calms down.

Xu Yi survived, his whole face filled with surprise as he looked in the direction of Ye Wan Wan.

This Miss Ye, why is she so abnormal today?

This is nothing like what she would say, isn’t she madly in love with Gu Yueze?

She must be impatiently wanting to follow Gu Yueze to elope ah!

Is she just playing hard to get?

Gu Yueze was really angry, his tone was extremely cold as he warned, “Ye Wan Wan, stop acting childish. Si Yehan is very ruthless and bloodthirsty. Do you know how many lives he’s taken? To stay by the side of such a person, do you want to die!?”

To Gu Yueze’s strong words of warning, Ye Wan Wan only lazily yawned. The next second, her eyebrows inclined slightly to asks the other person, pitifully spoke, “So what? If I could die beneath a peony flower*, I will still be as charming as a ghost.**”

* Note: Peony flower is a metaphor for a beautiful woman.

**Note: This is the literal translation, but this and the proverb both seem to mean that if she was to be exhausted/die because of SYH, then she will be content.

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8 thoughts on “Chapter 4: To Die Under a Peony Flower

  1. Wan Wan is setting up her strongest defense by putting everyone on edge while she placates the beast Si Yehan’s heart.Smart girl.
    Thank you for this chapter

    Liked by 2 people

  2. “…to actually catch the boss’s woman elope with a wild man and give him a green hat!?”

    Hah! That Xi Yu, can he get any more unreasonable and not just side with his young master?

    Pfft clearly GYZ is the real fiance and SYH took poor YWW by force.

    He’s even dumping all the blame on YWW alone, though it’s true she used to be pretty dumb naive.


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