Ch. 28: Untitled

TL and Editor: mystic_alix

Qiao Yu wanted to ask Gu Feihan what he was doing. She walked out her door–not long after, a commercial Mercedez-Benz stopped in front.

“Madam, the president asked me to pick you up.”

She didn’t respond, but it was obvious on her face that she was refusing.

“The president said, if you still want to see your brother, you’d better listen to him,” the driver smiled kindly. 

Today was supposed to be the day Xiaochen came back, but when she went to the school the teacher had told her that her brother-in-law picked him up. Qiao Yu gritted her teeth and had the sudden urge to strangle a certain someone. 

Without waiting for her to speak, Jason had asked a person who had come with him to grab her stuff and load the car. By this point, Qiao Yu couldn’t refuse. 

Returning to where she used to live with him, Qiao Yu didn’t know how to act and so she stood in front of the door for a long time. She still didn’t have the courage to go in. 

The housekeeper came out of the house and saw her standing at the door, “Madam you’re finally back!”

“No, I just…”

Before she could finish, the housekeeper pulled her into the house. Everything in the villa seemed to have not changed. The furnishings, the potted plants on the window sill have not changed. A few of them were her plants that she had bought. She noticed that they’ve grown lush and seem to have been well taken care of. 

On the TV cabinet in the living room, there stood a photo of her and Gu Feihan. It was taken when they had been together. The photo was old, but the frame was clean–as if someone had wiped it frequently. 

The housekeeper brough fruit over and said that the young master had not come back after he left to go to work. She asked Qiao Yu to rest first. 

“I remember this photo. It was stored in a cabinet upstairs. Why did you take it out,” she picked up the photo of her and Gu Feihan, “Wouldn’t Luo Xuan make a fuss if she sees it?”

“This is what the Young Master wanted. He said he didn’t want these photos to be covered dust,” the housekeeper paused, the smile on her phase gradually fading, “As for Ms. Luo, it seems that it has nothing to do with her. After you left, the Young Master said to never have Ms. Luo come here again and to never let outsiders come in.”

Qiao Yu was surprised. Then why did she call last night?

According to Luo Xuan, a long time ago, she and Gu Feihan were very affectionate. And after they had agreed about divorcing, how come there were issues afterwards? She wanted to ask about Luo Xuan’s child, but the housekeeper wouldn’t lie. 

When Gu Feihan arrived in the evening, he had brought her favorite cakes from Furonglou. These were expensive cakes since they’re freshly made. The queue often took an hour or longer–it was a sincere effort on his end. 

Gu Feihan opened the box and picked a piece of sweet-scented osmanthus cake for her, but Qiao Yu refused, “Where is Xiaochen? Give him back to me.”

“He’s fine. I’ve already selected the new school and the transfer procedures are well under way. You don’t need to worry about these things.”

“Who asked you to transfer him,” she asked, the irritation evident by the tone of her voice. 

[T/N]: LOL. Damn, Qiao Yu, you go girl!

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3 thoughts on “Ch. 28: Untitled

  1. He has no respect for her thoughts. He’s hoping that her feelings for him will over come her thoughts of not forgiving him for what he did to her.


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