100% Sweet Love

Chapter 87: Over-The-Top Boot-Licking, To Escape in Stealth

TL’ed by Miaka_Mei

Edited by DesertFox

Mei: We have some bad news, folks!

In the deep and gloomy grave-like stillness, only the sound of a ringing cell phone reverberated through the room.

Xu Yi wasn’t able to guess what Si Yehan was thinking, nor does he know if he wants to answer the phone, he just stiffly stood at the side as he held the phone up. The most clearest to him is that this phone call gives him an undesirable and ominous premonition. If possible, he hopes that Master wouldn’t answer the call.

As the cell phone continues to ring, the surrounding sense of oppression seemed to become increasingly threatening. While the sound rang, it was like the noise of ticking bomb when it enters one’s ears.

Xu Yi’s nerve was stretched taut to the maximum, probably due to excessive nervousness, as his fingers trembled and accidentally pressed the key to answering the phone.

Within the next second, an image appeared displaying Ye Wan Wan, with that usually spicy eyes face of hers.

(T/N: Spicy eyes = a famous Internet phrase, its similar English phrase is “makes my eyes bleed.” 辣(là)” means burn/sting/bite; 眼睛 (yǎnjīng)” means eyes.)

Fuck! I’m done for……

At the other side, Ye Wan Wan had waited for a long time, yet the phone was still unanswered, sooner or later, the phone itself would automatically hang up. At this moment, the screen flashed, and the video-calling was finally connected.

Seeing the screen clearly in a flash, Ye Wan Wan’s pupil abruptly shrunk.

Only to see the man on the other side, was lying on a couch with one arm across his forehead. Two of the buttons on his shirt was sloppily undone, his hair was a bit messy, especially with that complexion of his which was pale to an exceedingly abnormal level.

Although they were separated by a screen, she could feel the man’s presence was terrifying and dangerous to the utmost. It also makes one puzzled to the extreme.

From the video’s point of view, the phone seemed to be held by another person, it was probably Xu Yi.

The phone continuously trembled faintly, as she reckons that Xu Yi’s hands were trembling non-stop. Plus, from this trembling Ye Wan Wan could keenly perceive a trace of crisis, Si Yehan had most likely obtained the news. She was once again, a step too late.

Ye Wan Wan pursed her lips and controlled her pupil, “Sorry… Did I disturb your rest….”

On the other side, seeing with his own eyes how he had carelessly answered the call, Xu Yi could only resolve himself to smooth things over, as his head was overflowing with cold sweats. “Miss Ye, Ninth master hasn’t slept yet, why are you calling at such a late hour? If there’s no pressing matter…”

Xu Yi hadn’t managed to finish talking when Ye Wan Wan had already answered with a firm nod, “There is! I have an important matter!”

Xu Yi: “Er….”

Hastily, Ye Wan Wan: “Today, there’s a boy at school who had publicly confessed to me and said he likes me…”

Xu Yi’s throat filled with a sweet scent, his soul was quickly scared out of his body. He shouldn’t have answered this call!!!

He shook the phone with a sway that was hard to detect, attempting to remind Ye Wan Wan not to say anymore.

However, the phone already had the sound of Ye Wan Wan’s murmurs, “Can you accompany me to see that guy?”

Xu Yi felt that he was being struck by lightning and split into two halves.

She actually wants Ninth master to accompany her to see the boy?

At this moment, on the sofa, Si Yehan’s originally half-opened eyes had already been thoroughly opened, as if a beast that had gradually awoke from its slumber….

Just as Xu Yi currently felt that every hope had turned to dust, the sound of Ye Wan Wan’s angry tone came from the phone, “I’ve already told him that I had a boyfriend, yet he didn’t believe me! Do I look so much like a single dog? Because I got too angry, I impulsively replied to him that I’d bring my boyfriend to see him. And not just that, but my boyfriend is also a thousand times more handsome than our school’s most handsome male student….”

(T/N: single dog = someone who is neither married nor in a relationship; self-mockery for the singles)

“Er…” At the side, Xu Yi was stumped, speechless and completely dumbstruck, he hadn’t expected that it’d lead to this…

Ye Wan Wan… being excessively boot-licking… it’s clearly to escape in stealth!

Even the man on the sofa, whose complexion had been gloomy was momentarily stunned.

As Ye Wan Wan was late in receiving any response, she drooped her head a little, “Sorry… Did I inconvenience you? If it troubles you, then…”

“Time.” From the other side of the phone, came with the hoarse voice of the man, which interrupted her words.

Ye Wan Wan momentarily blanked, soon after her pair of eyes were glistening as it shone, “Tomorrow night! Is it alright? Just somewhere nearby our school!”

“It’s possible.”


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Mei: Ling Dong, I sincerely pray for the safety of your heart and soul…… You shall be remembered in the list of characters.

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