100% Sweet Love

Chapter 82: It Takes Two to Tango

TL’ed by Pi3

Edited by OHtheNovelty

Pi3: Hi guys, so today’s Christmas, and Mei said she has prepared a little surprise for you guys… Did anyone guess it right?

We’ll be releasing FIVE chapters for Christmas! Enjoy!

Shen Mengqi did not expect that a line which was unintentionally said by Ye Wan Wan could cause her so much trouble. She wanted nothing more than to rip her apart on the spot.

Since it has already been said and done, she could only suppress her rage. She then spoke while looking flustered, “Yanran, you’ve got to hear my explanation. It isn’t what you think it is. There’s a reason for me to look for Song Zihang that day. I was actually doing it for you…”

“Heh, as suspected, the person with him that day was you! So, are you admitting it? All this time, the person that Song Zihang likes has always been you!”

Jiang Yanran continues to speak while letting out a hollow laugh, “Ha… Haha… Shen Mengqi… To think that I’m such a fool for sharing my feelings with you every day… Discussing with you who exactly is the girl that Song Zihang likes…”

“Was it interesting to watch me look like an ignorant idiot? Watching me be so madly in love with him, but knowing that the one he likes is actually you? Was it very fulfilling and satisfying for you?”

“You knew perfectly well that I’ve been planning to make a confession to him on my birthday, and I’ve been preparing it for so long. For several nights, I’ve even been too anxious to sleep, and yet you intentionally picked that day to go out with him without letting me know. How is this being considered for my own good?”

Shen Mengqi anxiously spluttered, “I only went there to make it clear to him!”

Jiang Yanran sneered. She glanced at her phone and the status Song Zihang had posted, then violently threw her phone at Shen Mengqi’s face, “Make it clear? Is this what you mean by making it clear!?”

After being hit, Shen Mengqi’s nose was so painful that tears and snot started flowing down rapidly. She then covered her face and pleaded, “Yanran, you’ve got to hear my explanation. I’ve told him that I’m only interested in my studies right now. I’ve rejected him already, but he might have misunderstood my meaning and assumed that I’ll be together with him once I’ve graduated…”

Listening to Shen Mengqi’s explanation, the look on Jiang Yanran’s face became even more menacing. Completely enraged, she snapped back, “Shut up! Song Zihang has already told me personally! He said that the girl he liked had admitted to having feelings for him too, and even kissed him! Yet here you are, still trying to weasel out of this! Get lost! I don’t want to keep listening to anything that’s related to you and Song Zihang! Disgusting!”

On that day, she went to look for Song Zihang, and she personally saw him with a face full of happiness, telling her that his crush had accepted his feelings.

If Shen Mengqi didn’t give him any hope, how could he have that kind of reaction?

Shen Mengqi did not expect that Song Zihang would even share this with Jiang Yanran, thus her face immediately paled and she became speechless.

Watching Shen Mengqi’s reaction, everyone was able to figure it out.

After Jiang Yanran finished speaking, she forcefully pushed through the surrounding crowd, stumbling out as she ran away.

Fang Qin looked hesitantly between Jiang Yanran and Shen Mengqi, and in the end, hurriedly went after Jiang Yanran.

The crowd of onlookers was initially preparing to watch a good show from Ye Wan Wan, but they did not expect to have witnessed a thrilling scene of two girls fighting over a man instead. They stared at Shen Mengqi, whispering amongst themselves.

“You really can’t tell that Shen Mengqi, who appeared so innocent looking, was capable of doing such a thing!”

“She was fully aware that Jiang Yanran has always liked Song Zihang, and yet she still carried on flirting with Song Zihang behind her back! Absolutely unscrupulous!”

“Perhaps it’s solely Song Zihang that’s the one pursuing her?”

“Doesn’t it takes two to tango? Didn’t you hear what Yanran had said? Someone has already kissed him, hasn’t she?”

(T/N: it takes two to tango = Both parties involved in a situation or argument are equally responsible for it.)

“That’s true indeed!”


Ye Wan Wan continued standing on the same spot, silently watching the back of Jiang Yanran staggering off, feeling an inexplicable sense of connection and mutual sympathy of similar circumstances.

Jiang Yanran is someone who will clearly express what she loves and hates, detests bad deeds and the people who commit them. For example, the loathing she has for her and the love she has towards Song Zihang.

In her past life, Jiang Yanran had continued to insist on being with Song Zihang even after knowing full well that Song Zihang does not like her. She had even begged her parents to put pressure on him, falling into a tragic fate at the end.

After finding out the matters between Song Zihang and Shen Mengqi ahead of time, which choices would she pick subsequently; to continue to forgive, or to let it go…


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Mei: The misfortune falling on oneself is usually a result stemmed from oneself after all…

Novelty: Too true (looks at a pile of procrastinated schoolwork) ¯\_༼ ಥ ‿ ಥ ༽_/¯

Pi3: We are heading to Jiang Yanran’s arc that’s one of my favourite soon ^ᴗ^

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  1. Wow five chapters at one time. What a great holiday gift. Thank you
    Wan Wan dropped the bomb and Shen Mengqi got hit by the after blast. It serves her right. She’s been so good at manipulating others that she never thought it would happen to her. Is there more coming? I hope so.


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