100% Sweet Love

Chapter 55: To Feel Secure

TL’ed by Vsukio

Edited by Miaka_Mei

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Xu Yi who was driving, suddenly saw the scene in the back abruptly change into a restricted level. As his whole face was quickly burning red, he hurriedly raised the shutters.

Fuck me! Why does seeing master with Ye Wan Wan in her school uniform… strangely felt as if master was committing a crime?

Ye Wan Wan first dragged Si Yehan along to Wan Chun Tang, then went downtown to stroll around the luxurious shopping mall.

It was easy to choose the herbal tonics and supplements. By letting the boss pick out a few good quality ones for her, and having the rest checked by Si Yehan, they would naturally have nothing wrong with them.

Actually, it doesn’t really matter what they buy, after all, it’s not like the Old Madame was lacking in anything, but as long as she followed etiquettes, then that’s all that matters.

After they settled the gifts, the car slowly headed towards the Si family’s ancestral home.

In approximately one hour, Ye Wan Wan finally saw the Bie Garden that she recalled from her memories.

The park was a Chinese style manor with a simple and imposing old-fashioned type of atmosphere. After the car entered the decorative carved entrance, it took more than 10 minutes before they finally reached the main residence.

At the main residence, stood an old butler who was wearing a well-ironed suit and golden-rimmed glasses, waiting by the entrance.

Seeing that Si Yehan’s vehicle had finally arrived, the old butler immediately came forward to respectfully greet him. Lowering his eye sight onto the road, “Ninth young master!”

“En.” Si Yehan, with his usual indifferent expression, voiced out a reply.

As the old butler spoke, his eyes remained calm and collected as he glanced towards the girl beside Si Yehan.

With the young master’s temperament being unsociable, indifferent, moody, and extremely loathe being near women, the Old Madame had tried to think of various methods, but in the end, wasn’t able to get him to become intimate with girls like an ordinary person.

But now, the young master had unexpectedly gotten himself a girlfriend, and even brought her to the ancestral home! The Old Madame wasn’t the only one who was greatly shocked, even the servants themselves find it hard to believe.

Noticing that the girl beside the young master was wearing a school uniform, the old butler became even more surprised.

The young master unexpectedly likes girls this young?

He had thought that, the person who was able to make young master fall in love with, would have surely been similar to the noble and steady types like Miss Ruoxi…

Although the girl didn’t seem too old, she had clear eyes, a modest temperament, and her appearance was already this attractive despite not wearing any makeup.

Judging by her appearance alone, she and the young master would have already been considered a perfect match, but regardless of this, he has yet to ascertain her personality.

After all, it was the young master who had personally brought her back here. While maintaining a respectful attitude, the old butler firmly nodded, “Presumably, this is Miss Ye? Hello, I am the old butler of the ancestral home, Zhong Li.”

“Hello, Butler Zhong.” Ye Wan Wan politely greeted him, then no longer spoke.

Acting reserved when making a first visit is always the right thing to do.

When Ye Wan Wan saw the old butler, her heart couldn’t help but to sigh with sorrow. In her past life, when she met the old butler for the first time, she wasn’t so polite.

Back then, when the old butler saw her explosive green hair and ghost-like appearance, his face instantly turned green. While clutching his chest, he had nearly fainted dead away from fright.

(E/N: Face turning green = To look unwell)

In comparison, for the Old Madame Si to be able to intimately and kindly converse with her, regardless of seeing her in that kind of appearance, shows that she really has quite the character!

When the old butler saw Ye Wan Wan standing beside Si Yehan while acting well-behaved, reserved, and shy, his heart felt a bit more favorable towards her, “Ninth young master, Miss Ye, let’s quickly enter the house, the Old Madame has been expecting you for the whole day!”

The thought of finally stepping into here once more caused Ye Wan Wan’s pupils to abruptly contract. She subconsciously clenched her fists, the numerous unpleasant memories from her past life cascaded through her mind…

Can she really change everything in this lifetime?

Just as Si Yehan was about to enter through the door, his footsteps suddenly paused, with his back becoming incomparably rigid.

He stiffly hanged his profound and fathomless eyes. As his eyes sagged lower and lower to his left hand, there, he unexpectedly saw the girl’s little hand, gently holding onto his hand. He wasn’t exactly sure when this had happened.

Because Si Yehan’s footsteps suddenly halted, Ye Wan Wan discovered that, because she was too restless, she subconsciously held onto the closest thing beside her, and what she held onto, was unexpectedly Si Yehan’s hand.

Suddenly feeling a little embarrassed, she wanted to pull back her hand, however, right before she could act, the man had already held her hand in a tight grip as he continued to stride forward.

This man beside her was clearly the person whom she was most afraid of, but feeling his warm hand tightly wrapped around her small hand, unexpectedly gave her an indescribable feeling of safety…


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      1. I disagree that there is little romance here. It’s just that our male lead is confused . It appears that somewhere he didn’t learn how to help him develop relationships. He just pushes forward and snatches what he wants . He does not trust women at all. But he is trying with Ye Wan Wan.

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  6. Si Yehan is commiting a crime though? I mean i like the story, but in real life this would definitely be rape and sexual abuse. If you are afraid to say no to your partner, that means they are abusive. If Xu Yi had known this from the start but only cared about his master’s happiness and didn’t care about the girl whose life is getting ruined i would understand, but if he only just realizing something is wrong, isn’t he a terrible person?


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