100% Sweet Love

Chapter 46: Not Even One Out of Thousandth as Handsome

TL’ed by Vsukio

Edited by Miaka_Mei

After breakfast, Ye Wan Wan went to the classroom.

There were more than 10 steps before she would reach the doorway. From afar the window, she noticed several heads sticking out while looking around.

After seeing her, the heads peeping out became surprised, shrank back, then made some noises in the classroom.

Suddenly, there was a strange stillness…

Ye Wan Wan stood three paces away from the door, just as she was about to continue taking her next step, she suddenly paused, and glanced above the doorframe.

As soon as she paused, there was no sound coming from the classroom, it was as if they were waiting for a grand spectacle.

She was already unlucky enough to get into a huge trouble yesterday, and now, these people can’t wait to give her a hard time.

She wasn’t feeling worried, instead, she only proceeded to stand still by the door.

After a while, sure enough, a couple of people couldn’t restrain themselves and peeped their heads out again, then immediately shrank back inside.

Soon, the class bell rang.

Then, the voice of a man came from behind her, he sounded as if he was scared half to death, “Ouch, damn! That really scared me off! Oh, Ye Wan Wan… so it’s you…”

Zhao Xingzhou was holding a math book in his hand, while clutching his chest, he cautiously stared at her face, as if he was greatly frightened, “It’s almost class time, why haven’t you gone through the door yet?

“I’m just thinking about life, teacher, you should go in first.” Ye Wan Wan politely stepped back.

When Zhao Xingzhou saw her attitude, he seemed very satisfied, “Humph! After getting 0 points on the math exam, you finally know how to feel guilty?”

Zhao Xingzhou spoke while pushing the classroom door open.

In the next instance, a loud ‘BANG’ sounded, a bucket of water showered down on Zhao Xingzou, instantly making him look like a drowned rat.

Zhao Xingzou was momentarily sluggish, then his entire being blew up, “I…艹! I just did my hair this morning! Which little bastard did this! Get the hell out of here!”

The classroom was originally filled with disappointed sighs, but immediately afterwards, many of them started panicking.

Fuck! How did it turned out that the math teacher is the one who pushed open the door? We’re done for!

Everyone in class F knows, they would rather offend the classroom teacher, than offend the always smiling and carefree math teacher, otherwise, they would absolutely be tortured to a life worse than death!

Zhao Xingzou wiped off the water on his face, then sneered, “Don’t want to come out, do you? Once I check things out, then don’t expect me to have a nice… good chat with you!”

After a while, three of the girls and a boy stood up while cowering in fear.

“You guys, let’s have a trip to the office!”

The moment he passed by Ye Wan Wan, Zhao Xingzou stared at her for a few seconds, his eyes revealed some resentment.

Ye Wan Wan blinked, with a stern and innocent face.

After Zhao Xingzou left with those boisterous students, under the furious glares of all the girls, Ye Wan Wan directly sat down next to Si Xia.

Probably because of rehearsal being after school, Si Xia was wearing a British style uniform that was pure white with a golden border, and a modest collar that was completely buttoned up. It was appropriate and conforming to the prince character that he would be acting.

Especially with his inherent noble temperament, coupled with his remote and aloof haughty expression.

After all, he’s the only descendant in the Si family, plus his whole being was doted by thousands, so it’s not surprising that no one could attract his attention.

(E/N: SX is in the youngest generation, while SYH is among his senior generation.)

But obviously, this doesn’t include Ye Wan Wan.

When he saw Ye Wan Wan, the boy’s dazzling face almost instantly turned a shade of green.

Taking advantage of when the teacher wasn’t present, Ye Wan Wan steadily fished out her cell phone and began sending a text message to Si Yehan. She must do it before Shen Mengqi strikes first and gain the upper hand.

With great difficulty, Si Xia finally recovered his senses and unhurriedly glanced over, not knowing who Ye Wan Wan was texting, he just happened to see what she wrote…

[Darling, the school recently organized a theatrical play, with each class having a program, I ended up winning the lottery and was chosen to play as Snow White. Hehe, I’m quite awesome, right~ It’s such a pity, my prince for the play is too ugly, he’s not even one out of thousandth as handsome as you~]


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After seeing that message….
SX: *coughs up blood* Σ░(꒪◊꒪ ))))

Mei: LMAO, his dog eyes…..

10 thoughts on “Chapter 46: Not Even One Out of Thousandth as Handsome

  1. “haha, thinking about life just as she was about to step through the door”
    i also like to think about life 10 steps away from the classroom door, that’s like the best place to reminisce. It’s not like there’s a million students in the hallway trynna push you as they race to class or anything

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  2. With that message I see the start of an angry prince charming and ugly snow white relationship. But seeing as how our Lord demon Uncle Yehan may be watching that could be a good thing.

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  3. Everyone like “ohh BURN!”
    Here I am thinking “OH SHIT”.
    Idk if its just the way its translated or what but the “Hehe, it’s SUCH A PITY , my prince for the play is too ugly”
    Doesn’t that just make it sound like she hoping for some more handsome.


  4. If this young prince ever realize that she is someone that beautiful I doubt he will become more hostile but instead would fall for her. And that math teacher though, lol never offend the always smiling one!

    Thanks for the chapter


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