Black Bellied President Dotes on Wife

Ch. 2: You’re an Excavator, Right?

Translated by CrimsonJade

Edited by Xia

Everyone has their own lifestyle, and having a strong sense of time should be an advantage.

Shangguan Ning herself does not like to be late. She felt that this is indeed her fault, and therefore apologized: “I am very sorry, I had a little problem on the way. I’m rushing over right now, you can go ahead and eat, you don’t need to wait for me.

“Then hurry up, I’ll wait for you.” The voice on the other end of the phone still sounded unhappy.

After hanging up the phone, Shangguan Ning heart can not help but feel strange and awkward.

Does this count as … dating?

Shangguan Ning got goose bumps just thinking about it.

Guo Shuai said he wanted to treated her to a meal today. Since they are colleagues that frequently see each other, it would be impolite of her to refuse.

After returning home to teach at X University, Guo Shuai teaches Chinese to the freshmen , while she teaches foreign language.

They usually occasionally meet, smile at each other and say hello and have a short chat, but nothing more than that. A few days ago they ate together as a coincidence. Because she was polite, the two meals were paid together under her tab, and Guo Shuai did not decline.

It was only a coincidence, how did “dating” get involved?

She can’t explain it clearly to him over the phone, so she wished to meet up as early as possible to resolve this misunderstanding.

Originally a fifteen minute drive, Shangguan Ning drove like a hurricane, and took only ten minutes to arrive at the restaurant.

She put on a black woolen coat and brought her bag into the restaurant.

Perhaps the restaurant was just open quite recently, she easily spotted Guo Shuai sitting at a window seat.

Guo Shuai is thirty-two years old, with a second-rate university doctoral degree, dark skin, wearing a gold rims frame glasses, with a scholarly air around him. He was taller than the 168 cm Shangguan Ning by two or three centimeters. His stature is slightly fat, looks are ordinary. From his parents expectations of “handsome” in his name, there is quite a distance.

Taking into consideration of Guo Shuai’s feelings, Shangguan Ning specifically wore flat shoes today.

She walked slowly to the table to sit down, picked up the glass on the table and drank a little lemonade, only after drinking did she say: “Guo teacher, sorry, I came a bit late.

In fact, from the moment Shangguan Ning came in, Guo Shuai already noticed her, but he deliberately pretended he did not noticed. With a nod, he answered with neither a light nor heavy “oh”.

Women are hard to get accustomed to, especially those such as Shangguan Ning who just came back from abroad. They have a good disposition and look just like fairies.

However, Shangguan Ning is one of the top notch beauties. Although she looks a little tired, with her face not having even a hint of makeup, she has an elegant kind of beauty.

Facing such a beauty, Guo Shuai felt that he simply can not get angry.

But he did not completely forgive Shangguan Ning because she did not seem to put him to heart.

“Shangguan teacher, we are all highly educated people, especially you who stayed across the ocean. Oh, yes, it’s that small country of New Zealand was it? What, are all New Zealanders this rude and love to be late?”

Shangguan Ning frown, before she had a good image of Guo Shuai. Although somewhat lofty, but he was like a good teacher who loves literature. Why is it that today he seems like an twenty-year-old angry youth.

“Xiao Ning, what is the meaning of this?”

Did he just called her ‘Xiao Ning’?

Just a while ago it was still Shangguan teacher, how did he become so close in such a short amount of time? Shangguan Ning immediately felt the goosebumps on her arms rise.

“I am older than you by a few years. Today, I will have to nicely teach you as a senior for your own good. You see, women are creatures who need love. You don’t need to aim too high. You are no longer young, and will only grow older with time, the older you are the more worthless you get. You are barely able to marry me, who is this excellent, but later you can only marry our school’s security. Really, do your parents not teach you anything … … ”

Before Guo Shuai finished, Shangguan Ning slammed the glass cup in her hand on the table with a big “bang” sound. The sound drew other peoples attention and made them looked over.

She is not concerned about the strange looks directed toward them, instead she is trying to control herself to not pour the contents in the cup on the person across from her.

She was not in a very good mood, but feel that it was her fault that she was late and was being polite to Guo Shuai, but if others seek trouble, then she can only accompany them!

“Guo teacher, you forgot to brush your teeth today when you came out, right?”

Guo Shuai did not understand the meaning of Shangguan Ning’s words, staring at her with eyes full of the question “what do you mean.”

Shangguan Ning did not wait for him to answer and straightforwardly said: “Your mouth stinks!”


“I have not only been to New Zealand, I have been to England, America, France, Germany, Italy, and Japan. The other countries’ men are all gentlemen, why is it right after I return, I encounter a rustic guy?

“Who are you calling rustic?”

Shangguan Ning ignores the darkening face of Guo Shuai, with a mocking tone: “Guo teacher graduated from a technical school, really not easy. You shouldn’t have learned excavating, digging a hole for yourself, if you want to compliment me then just straightforwardly say it without all the nonsense.”


“No wonder when Guo teacher talks your breath always carry the smell of soil, the were originally an excavator, even with your master’s degree, there is still no way to cover up your rustic background. Still you don’t need to have low self-esteem, I will not look down on your origin, I just look down on your character. ”


“You think you are better than the security staffs? NONONO, X school’s security staffs may not recognize a lot of words, but they are all better human beings than you! You must have used underhanded tactics to enter X school, or for them to let an excavator teach Chinese, the school have to take a lot of risk.

In fact, Guo Shuai really does have a bit of studying degree, and does not have any underhanded relationship with the school. Shangguan Ning is just deliberately angering him.

Guo Shuai was so angered by Shangguan Ning’s words that he don’t know how to retort.

He stood up, with his facial features twisted, chin lifted high, and a malicious tone: “Shangguan Ning, you will pay the price for today’s words! Hmph!”

He angrily took his own things and slammed the door as he leaves.

Huuu … … finally gone, everything has finally quieted down.

The restaurant is decorated in a pure European style, with a strong classical atmosphere and a low-tempered music. It is a great place to dine.

Shangguan Ning took off her jacket, signaling the waiter with her hand: “Ordering!”

Fresh fragrant steak , crisp and delicious, fresh vegetable salad appetizer, with fragrant Chinese corn peas porridge, satisfying the hungry Shangguan Ning.

She put all the unhappiness at the back of her mind, quietly enjoying of deliciousness of the food.

After she was done eating, and slowly drank half a cup of lemonade, as she was about to checkout, a short hair woman wearing a light gray PRADA shirt sat in front of her.

Shangguan Ning slightly surprised: “An An, why are you also here?”

Zhao Anan played with a strand of her short hair, revealing a bright smile: “This is my shop, as the boss, it’s my duty to inspect it is it not?”


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  1. This man is trying to have the upper hand in the relationship that does not even exist yet. I think he blew it.

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  2. LOL that man is so funny😂😂 shameless!! Who are you to look down on others

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