100% Sweet Love

Chapter 8: She Was Spoiled

TL’ed and Edited by Xia

Si Yehan did not pay attention to him.

Lin Que deeply looked at his brother to see his heaven-defying face, which was expressionless and a waste of nature’s gift. He bitterly began, saying “Ninth elder brother, how can you let yourself fall in this way! Using your identity, status, appearance, and stature, what kind of woman doesn’t want you? Trying to find an angelic beauty, there are more than enough! The result is that, contrary to what is proper, you ran off to spoil an ugly woman!”

Ye Wan Wan just changed clothes upstairs and walked down, but when she heard Lin Que’s words, suddenly her face became dark.

Why does Lin Que’s words sound so familiar?

However, it is true…and quite reasonable…

Even she felt that Si Yehan spoiled her despite her appearance.

“To say that you want to play around with a new taste, that’s no problem, but it has been two years, my brother, I am unable to continue seeing you do this…”

Lin Que continued to nag, while the opposite person’s manner was lazy because he refused to acknowledge or answer him. Si Yehan suddenly titled his head slightly, his line of vision directly facing the stairs.

Lin Que subconsciously followed Si Yehan’s line of sight.

In the next second, his whole person became silly!

A girl in a pure white dress, with a slender graceful figure, long hair reaching her waist, bright eyes that were good to look at,  lips like peach blossoms, and skin like white jade. Truly an unworldly beauty.

Until Ye Wan Wan reached the table, Lin Que was still had a dream like expression (in a daze).

Ye Wan Wan glanced at the table, pondered a bit, then sat down next to Si Yehan.

Based on the idiom “less said, less mistakes”, she sat down and began to silently eat breakfast.

She can feel, from just a moment ago, the way the frightening man’s gaze does not seem to continuously fall on her body.

Unexpectedly restoring her original appearance, in fact, she is also apprehensive, unable to predict what Si Yehan’s attitude will be.

However, including her demonic appearance, Si Yehan had not criticized her. Regardless, to her, the outcome is the same.

When Ye Wan Wan was lost in thought while earnestly eating breakfast, a slender finger suddenly extended toward her cheek.

Suddenly, Ye Wan Wan’s expression becomes tense, her whole body is stiff. In the next moment, the slender finger was near her ear tucking in a strand of hair that was nearly falling into her porridge bowl.

Si Yehan lazily leaned back in his seat, brushing aside the girl’s hair, not compelled to withdraw his hand. He had yet to withdraw his gaze at that moment,  while his slender fingers gently caressed her, causing a sensation that was similar to the feel of her silky hair.

Ye Wan Wan relaxed and quickly tucked her hair back, so as to avoid it falling into the bowl again.

At this moment, the stunned Lin Que finally recovered,  lowered his voice to excitedly gossip and collect information, “Ninth elder brother! You finally thought it through! Well, it’s been long overdue to find such a thing! Quickly tell me, who this younger sister is. If not older sister or younger sister, sister-in-law is also fine! Can not introduce me! Too beautiful!

Ye Wan Wan “…”

Lin Que also said “By the way, what about that heavy taste ugly girl? Was she driven out?”

Ye Wan Wan “…” Heavy taste ugly girl…

“Yeah, that Ye Wan Wan, even if she was just with you for a while, had her taste not been so unbearable, that body weight, it’s at least 150 jin! (1 jin is about a pound)

Ye Wan Wan: “……!!!” Nonsense! Clearly, she was only 148! Although she was a little gluttonous during her puberty, and put on a bit of weight, but her weight did not exceed 150?

“Ninth brother, for that little while, I was unable to understand your preferences, what can you like about a fat person?”

Ye Wan Wan: “…” Fat person…

Ye Wan Wan, finally, endured more than she could bear.


Ye Wan Wan suddenly put her hands down, with eyes sharp as blades, she looked to Lin Que in the opposite direction–

“Lin Que! How am I 150 jin! How am I fat! Am I eating your family’s food!”


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  1. Lin Que does not recognize her now that she has removed all of her past fashion statements
    Thank you for the chapter update


  2. For the last part, “Lin Que! How am I 150 jin! How am I fat! Do you even eat!”

    I think its more ‘s more like

    “Lin Que! What’s the matter if I’m 150 jin. What’s the matter if I’m fat. Am I eating your family’s food!”

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  3. Hahahahah everyone evacuate. I repeat. Evacuate. A man has just criticised his sister in law in front of her face and even insulted her.

    Thanks for the chapter.

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