100% Sweet Love

Chapter 5: Heavy Tastes

TL’ed by Xia

Edited by Xia & Miaka_Mei

In the dark… Xu Yi:”!!!”

The…peony flowers!!!

Dang! Where is Miss Ye, she’s so abnormal today,  she hit her head, right?

Even daring enough to compare Boss to peony flowers!

Although Boss’s face is really beautiful, that even men are tempted, but those that are more familiar with him clearly see his cruel nature.

Xu Yi carefully and secretly glanced at his boss, but unfortunately, in the end, he could not see the emotions in those dark pair of eyes.

Boss… in the end, he isn’t angry?

At this moment, Gu Yueze looked at Ye Wan Wan with a disgusting appearance, unable to bear the girl’s speech, and finally his patience is also exhausted, “Good… well, since you are obsessed, later, when you regret it, don’t blame me for not warning you! Ye Wan Wan, I have done everything for you.”

Ye Wan Wan looked at Gu Yueze’s departing back, her expression somewhat scared.

Around this time in the past, waiting for her should be Si Yehan’s fury. This time, she successfully changed the trajectory of her life. Gu Yueze is gone and Si Yehan…

It was unknown when the familiar atmosphere disappeared.

This… Is it over?

Si Yehan’s temper is treacherous and unpredictable. Ye Wan Wan didn’t dare to take it lightly. After easing the mood, she turned back towards the house.

The moment she entered the living room, a familiar pressure entered into each of her pores.


On the couch, the man’s dull and unfathomable eyes produced an overwhelming pressure, as if forcing her to open up.

Ye Wan Wan stood in place, rooted on the spot.

Although she was reborn, her fear of this man is embedded deep into her bones, unable to change.

However, if she wants to change her fate, she must force herself to get rid of it.

Ye Wan Wan dug her nails into her palm to keep herself clear-headed, slowly walking towards the man.

Just as she came near, in the next second she was sitting in the man’s lap, followed by a forceful kiss-

Sophisticated, but cold lips forced down on her, lightly biting, not missing a single corner…

Ye Wan Wan was unable to move, forcefully trying not to resist.

She couldn’t help but think about the color of lipstick she used today. It was just as exaggerated as the last time, the color the same as poison. Does he not have spicy eyes ? is there no psychological barrier?

(T/N: Spicy eyes = Chinese slang for looking at something awful; equivalent to the phrase “makes my eyes bleed”)

At 18 years old, she got acquainted with Si Yehan. So far for 2 years, she tried extreme ways to hide her true face, thinking that it could disgust him.

If she knew earlier, why would she disguise herself into a person that even ghosts wouldn’t look at?

Thinking up to here, Ye Wan Wan suddenly regains her composure.

Unexpectedly, when she was lost in thought, she was embraced by Si Yehan?

After regaining her composure, what was more shocking was that her neck felt somewhat heavy, Si Yehan hugged her tightly like a pillow in his arms. She didn’t know when his head ended up near her neck, his hot breath on her sensitive neck. His breathing was steady and prolonged.

He seems to be asleep…

Ye Wan Wan didn’t dare make a noise, waiting half an hour but Si Yehan still didn’t make the slightest movement. She only lightly called out, “Si Yehan…”

He still didn’t have the slightest reaction.

She finally determined Si Yehan was asleep.

At the entrance not far away , because he didn’t feel at ease, was Xu Yi who saw this scene. He stared with wide eyes as if seeing an inconceivable scene.

Ye Wan Wan is also very surprised.

Because clearly in her memories, Si Yehan had a chronic sleep disorder. Due to his physique, his body has a strong resistance, and most drugs doesn’t work on him. Every time he needed to fall asleep, he would have to get a specialized psychiatrist to perform hypnosis.

Even worse, this man’s mental strength was exceptionally abnormal. Not to mention his strong psychological defense, it was difficult to be hypnotized and if he is in a bad mood, it was completely useless.

The Si family had invited countless famous doctors, but none of them had a solution, only saying that if the situation was unable to improve, Si Yehan would only be able to live until 30 years old.

In her past life, her greatest wish was to hold on until Si Yehan turned 30 years old.

But, she unexpectedly died in front of Si Yehan…

Author’s Note:
[The male host’s name is Si Yehan from the beginning, the middle has to reform a time male host name, what looks is under the own attention of that edition name, is sorry that forgives my fickleness \/(ㄒoㄒ) \/~~]


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  1. i love this story!! not only is the translating very well written but the story itself makes me itches for more and more and more!!
    Though this whole forcing thing is kind of unsettles me but the story is too fascinating for me to give up.♥
    So thank you for this story translator♥ i hope there will be more chapter:D

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    1. Thanks for the support! I’m MTL’ing the series (along with some other people), so I hope I’m doing a decent job of translating. Ch 7 and 8 will be up within the next few hours.


  2. Si Yehan has a sleep disorder. But after hearing her praise him and kissing her he fell into a deep sleep. He is a lonely desperate man… Such an angry vicious man has never felt loved
    What rough ride for him and those within his reach
    Thank you

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  3. Aww Im a the only one that thinks Si Yehan is just a one big fluffy teddy bear, give the guy some luv XD
    Thanks for the chapters!!


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