100% Sweet Love

Chapter 3: Former Fiancé

TL’ed and Edited by Xia

Three days later…

These three days, Ye Wan Wan spent most of her time sleeping and sorting through her past memories.

In these three days, just like in the past life, Si Yehan didn’t appear. The servants in the house busy themselves with work and rarely speak to her and are even afraid to look at her.

The huge house is like a grave.

Ye Wan Wan changed her pajamas, looked at the time on the clock, and immediately went downstairs walking towards the courtyard.

The moonlight tonight is very good, a cool breeze gently blows, making the memories of that house from her past life actually seem less terrible.

In fact the garden landscape is excellent, after all it was designed by Si Yehan and he even got the world’s top construction team to build it. In the capital,  it is in the best position and known as a feng shui treasure, taking 5 years to complete.

Unfortunately, in her past life, no need to even mention appreciation, at the time, due to her imprisonment within the house, all she felt was hate, just wanting to completely ruin it.

The results of her desires could be seen everywhere. Large pieces of burnt vegetation, deliberately cutting everything in the flower garden, the pond water was also filthy…these were her “masterpieces.”

“Wan Wan—”

At this time, a familiar voice abruptly sounded in the night wind.

Ye Wan Wan retracts her sight from a withered rose and looked up in the direction of the sound.

Under the dim light across from her, she saw a man in an expensive custom luxury suit, his facial features are profound and handsome, his bearing is extraordinary.

It has to be said that in the capital, Gu Yueze is handsome and that she isn’t his only fan.

Just, if Si Yehan, that evildoer, was present then in that moment he (GYZ) would appear bland in comparison.

Gu Yueze stood a few steps away from her, looked at her, then suddenly and imperceptibly wrinkled his brows.

Naturally, Ye Wan Wan was aware of his subtle reaction, so she quickly examined herself.

At this moment, she was wearing non-mainstream heavy metal attire, her face painted with scary and heavy makeup.

Because her wardrobe didn’t have normal clothes, she simply kept up her previous image. It can also be considered to avoid bringing unnecessary suspicion upon herself for changing her image so quickly.

Gu Yueze’s eyes stare at her coldly, his handsome face full of disappointment, “Wan Wan, how can you be so willing to degrade yourself, to the point that any man can defile you!”

“Degrade herself?”

Ye Wan Wan savors the two words, mocking herself.

In her past life, she loved him so much that in order to hold onto her innocence, she didn’t hesitate to wear a demonic appearance that even ghosts wouldn’t look at.

The results, to him these efforts were just “self-degradation.”

Ye Wan Wan knew that Shen Mengqi didn’t say good words in front of Gu Yueze, but if he has even the slightest bit of affection for her, he wouldn’t believe Shen Mengqi’s side of the story only.

Thinking to here, Ye Wan Wan was about to say something, but she felt a burst of coldness on her back.

Si Yehan…

He’s here now!

She was almost instinctively aware of the man’s presence.

In her past life, she didn’t know Si Yehan was there watching, believing that she was making him wear a green hat, which was the start of all her nightmares.

Ye Wan Wan gently sighs in relief, forcing herself to ignore Si Yehan’s existence. She looks at Gu Yueze indifferently and chuckles asking: “I don’t know in what capacity Mr. Gu is questioning me? Is it as my ex-fiancé or my cousin?

Gu Yueze hears the sarcasm in her voice and sighs. “I know you are complaining about me, but I also have some responsibility for the way you’ve turned out now. Come with me and I’ll send you away from here.”


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  1. Yehan is so insecure that he would hide in the shadows to watch her.This time around let’s hope that Wan Wan is much more careful about what she does and whom she trusts.
    Thank you for this update

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